Talatorre dot com

Tim Alatorre Online…. it’s Dot Com! Good news! Talatorre.com is back! You can now reach Tim Alatorre Online by either entering www.talatorre.org or www.timalatorre.com!


Ahh, changes…. Well, Tim Alatorre Online has a new look! Up until now the web site has just been a conglomerate of a lot of different experiments and had little cohesion. With the new design I hope to make the entire site feel like one! Ahh…. so nice. Everything should be up in running soon,… Continue reading Changes

Learn From My Mistakes

Well, Tim Alatorre Online has been temporarily relocated to talatorre.org. Now, I know that when timalatorre.com was launched that I said Tim Alatorre Online would never move again but due to my own ignorance the web page has moved once again. It seems that when I registered the domain “timalatorre.com” I had my hosting company… Continue reading Learn From My Mistakes