my work:

My work in the Architecture profession began in 1996 while still in High School. Over the decades I have worked with a variety of firms and have designed homes, restaurants, retail centers, schools, self storage facilities, space stations, and almost everything in between.

In 1996 I first gained access to the internet and launched my first website soon after. Since then, I programmed many websites, including this one. 


I love creating, that probably sums me up more than anything. Whether it be music, buildings, code, or friendships, I love to create. My real passions lie in Architecture and music. I have been playing the piano since I was four years old and have wanted to be an Architect nearly as long.  I finally achieved that goal in April of 2010 and am very proud to say that I am a licensed Architect in the State of California.  Since then I have obtained licenses in other states as needed including a national certificate with NCARB.

Today I play the piano, guitar, drums, and sing as much as possible. I love to compose music and enjoy creating choir arraignments as well as piano solos and duets.

I graduated from Cal Poly in 2006 with a Bachelor of Architecture.

I find that the real driving forces in my life are my faith in a loving Heavenly Father, a passionate desire to create and improve myself, my work, and anything I can get my hands on. I love to challenge myself and learn new things. I am also blessed to have a very supportive family.

this site:

Tim Alatorre Online has had four major versions before this current one. My first website, created in the fall of 1996, was hosted on Geocities and I created it while still a junior at Apple Valley High School in the Mojave Desert. The bulk of that site I made the following spring and summer of 2007 with my friend Kim; we made the site into an homage to the canned meat SPAM. This delicacy was an inside joke with my friends and creating the site was a lot of fun. It was also my first experience with HTML code and we used all of the coolest internet technologies available, mainly animated GIF images.

After Kim and my relationship went the way of most High School relationships, my website changed to be a collection of my favorite TI-85 shell programs and other odds and ends. This site remained mostly unchanged through my freshman year at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with the exception that I posted some of the work I was doing in school. Upon my return from serving a two year mission in Madrid Spain, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I made the first major update to my website in many years. I acquired the domain name timalatorre.com and migrated my site from Geocities to a private host. I created a flash navigation menu, featuring an image of the Madrid Temple, and I created a layout of sections that remained relatively unchanged for the next 4 years. The site still consisted of static HTML pages.

I was getting tired of updating code every time I wanted to change content, and editing a flash menu was cumbersome, so I started looking for an alternative. In August 2004 I adopted the Nucleus CMS engine and gave my site a complete makeover. Switching to the CMS I experimented with Javascript and CSS code for the first time. Towards the end of 2004 my hosting service went out of business suddenly and I discovered that I didn’t have control of my domain name. With my website down, I had to buy the domain talatorre.org and restore my site from a backup copy. Finally on Nov. 17th, 2006, I was able to repurchase timalatorre.com and today both domains, including the much more complete timalatorre.com, redirect you here!

On May 15th, 2006, looking for something easier to use then Nucleus, I migrated my site to the Joomla! CMS.  Finally, on June 8th, 2009, once again looking for ease and convenience, I migrated the site once again to WordPress.  That is what this site is today.

You can see past iterations of Tim Alatorre Online on the internet archive. It’s an interesting record of my growth as a person, and the trials and challenges that come from life. If you read something that I wrote years ago that makes you uncomfortable or offends you, I’m sorry and I would ask for your forgiveness. I’m always happy to talk about my beliefs and motivations.

I’m not sure where this site will end up in the future, but it has, for the last many years, been a place for me to experiment and share a little of myself with the world. I am a very passionate person, and my motivation for having this website is to share my beliefs and opinions with as many people as possible, and to create a place where my friends know they can always find me.

Thank you for visiting! I hope you will come back frequently. You can also find me on Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn.


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