Ahh, changes…. Well, Tim Alatorre Online has a new look! Up until now the web site has just been a conglomerate of a lot of different experiments and had little cohesion.

With the new design I hope to make the entire site feel like one! Ahh…. so nice. Everything should be up in running soon, in the meantime bear with the changes. Content is being sacrificed as I work on the graphical side of things. A new feature I’m excited about is an integrated search function on the title bar!

As a bit of trivia: I took the picture of the palm trees on the banner from the roof of the Bren School at the UCSB campus!

Thanks for visiting!

UPDATE 06/10/09: Here is how the site looked after the redesign mentioned above. The site featured drop menus and many, many hover effects.

Tim Alatorre Online as of Feb. 10th, 2005
Tim Alatorre Online as of Feb. 10th, 2005